the artist

I am a printmaker working mainly in linocut, sometimes incorporating elements of collage and monoprint into my work. My inspiration has always, and will always, come from being outside in the fresh air in my corner of the world – the northeast of England.

Although I’m based in the city of Newcastle upon Tyne, I am very close to beautiful countryside, long sandy beaches, rolling hills, craggy mountains and historic castles, so there is no end of inspiration to hand. Sometimes I become obsessed with smaller details, such as seedheads, pebbles, hedgerows or rock pools, and at other times I try to capture a whole view or scene in a layered linocut. But always, there’ll be a nod to nature and its beauty and intricacy.

My work also celebrates colour, which I tend to exaggerate and enhance, using it to convey how I was feeling when experiencing a place. Linocut can be a controlled medium, but I’m enjoying experimenting with its boundaries; exploring textures, colours, inking techniques and layering, to discover just what it can do and where it can take me next.

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